The 13 most costly mistakes C-Level executives make raising capital

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We deliver the deal that’s right for you ... with an investment partner who earns your trust.

Stern Ventures is an end-to-end investment bank dedicated to raising capital and brokering strategic partnerships from $5 to $300 million for technology and media companies.

Stern Ventures guides clients through the entire deal process from strategic planning to successful closing, with care and integrity. We add value for our clients by identifying and negotiating with the best qualified institutional partners and streamlining the due diligence process.

Stern Ventures leverages deep industry expertise and connections to help clients achieve their strategic objectives. Our network of over 36,060 capital decision makers and C-level executives forces investors to compete for your business.

Finding the right investment partner to raise capital in the $5 million to $300 million range is hard, especially in the technology and communications industry.

"Who can I trust for capital
market advice?"

"How can I get the deal that’s right for me in front of targeted decision makers without wasting time?"

"What are the common
mistakes I should avoid?"

Because knowing where to start is overwhelming.

  • In fact, the number one mistake C-level executives make isn't failing to acquire funding ... it’s accepting capital from the wrong strategic partners.
  • There’s nothing more painful than being tied to an institution or financial partner who places their own interests ahead of your own.
  • How do you find a reliable advisor to guide you through the process?

You start by identifying your own goals and initiating
a consultation with Stern Ventures.


At the time we engaged Stern Ventures, we were in the midst of a complicated and scary acquisition, our third in nine months. We needed ‘strategic development’ help -- analysis, sourcing, and deal management.

Stern Ventures was like manna from above in this context and he immediately dove in and virtually ran the deal to completion.

"Their performance was impressive ... By negotiating three royalty agreements, Stern Ventures saved Untangle $300,000 a year"

*Testimonials may not be representative of the experience of other customers and are not a guarantee of future performance or success.

  • By connecting you with our network of over 36,060 executive­-level decision makers and financial institutions, Stern Ventures specializes in fostering competitive demand ... with you at the center.
  • Our competitive approach is so strategic, every contract dictates that we refund half of our overall transaction fees if we’re unable to deliver multiple offers for your financial needs.

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What We Do

Here’s what Stern Ventures helps you achieve.

Stern Ventures, through Rainmaker Securities, LLC., a registered broker-­dealer, offers the following services:

Capital Raising

If you’re a CEO, CFO, or COO with strategic initiatives requiring significant investment capital to grow your business, Stern Ventures links you with our network of over 6,750 financial institutions.

By getting the right offer in front of multiple decision makers, we help our clients identify and arrange equity and debt financing between $5 million and $300 million for expansion, acquisitions, or recapitalization.

Mergers & Acquisitions

With C-level contacts at 12,900 domestic and 16,410 international corporate development departments, Stern Ventures facilitates your optimal M&A exit.

Whether you’re in the information technology, media, telecom, or mobile sector, we specialize in both sell-side and buy-side M&A guiding you through the entire process. By leveraging our contacts in a competitive atmosphere, you get the most from your current holdings and avoid the risk of leaving “money on the table.”

Leveraged & Management Buyout

For buyouts, Stern Ventures helps LBO/MBO sponsor and debt investors craft a financing structure that meets your investment objectives ... as well as those of your stakeholders.

We listen and reflect our clients’ need for a strategic plan that provides targets with financial flexibility to operate and grow your business post buyout.

Shareholder Liquidity

If your existing shareholders are looking to sell their equity, Stern Ventures provides a 6-9 month liquidity process ... without having to wait for an IPO or M&A event.

By facilitating secondary offerings, Stern Ventures enables exiting shareholders to monetize illiquid holdings while your company’s current capital structure stays in place.

Business Development

Developing your business through both downstream and upstream partners can take many forms: expanding distribution, engaging new suppliers or channels, creating complementary product offerings, or finding opportunities to license, package, and sell your current services.

As a client, you can leverage “Stern Ventures’ broad network” to develop powerful strategic partnerships with C-level executives in companies who share your same growth objectives.

prestonRohrickPreston Rohrick,
CEO PaigeeDraw Inc.

I connected with Stern Ventures through my contacts while looking to raise our Series A.

The Team looked over our documentation, had a couple of one on one phone meetings, prepared a long list of questions, and then analysed our business plans, decks and materials.

Stern Ventures got back to us with a long list of recommendations and potential changes to help us better present our company to VC's. They helped us simplify the message and more precisely highlight our product and the opportunity.

Stern Ventures ripped it apart, and gave us clear suggestions and improvements.

"Stern Venture's input was priceless. When we are ready for our next deal, Stern Ventures will be our first call."

*Testimonials may not be representative of the experience of other customers and are not a guarantee of future performance or success.

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How We Work

End-to-end Investment Banking Solutions

All Stern Venture engagements start with an initial 20-minute consultation focused on you and your strategic goals. A typical capital raising or M&A cycle takes 6 to 9 months.

& Engagement

Month 1 Week 1

Define your strategic objective
Determine your capital needs
Execute engagement agreement


Week 4

Conduct advisor due diligence
Develop and present strategic plan
Meet with stakeholders
Perform valuation analysis

Deal Packaging

Month 2 Week 7

Confidential Information Memorandums (CIM)
Complete Business Plan
Targeted Teasers & Pitches
Organize financial statements
Set up supporting documents

Deal Placement
& Distribution

Month 4 Week 14

Identify 150+ investment partners
Focus on qualified investors
Execute NDA’s
Deal tracking and weekly updates
Identify and pitch to select investors
Private Road Show

& Due Diligence

Month 5 Week 20

Secure letter of intent
Evaluate term sheets
Conduct investor due diligence
Control and monitor digital data
Foster "competitive tension" among bidders

Closing Documents
& Transaction

Month 6 Week 24

Select Leading Investor
Finalize Definitive Agreement
Obtain final approvals
Coordinate legal advising
Close transaction
Distribute funds


The chart below highlights the schedule for a 6 month deal process.

Pricing & Terms

Stern Ventures values our clients’ integrity and time.​ Thus we offer the most favorable terms to all of our clients based on our 5​­-5­-5 deal structure.


Retainer​ creditable
to a


success contingency
with a


refund​ if we’re unable to deliver multiple offers in M&A deals.

Why a 50% refund?

  • Because only when we deliver multiple term sheets can you be confident you've selected the best terms from the most reliable investment partner who share your strategic vision. That's how we align our incentives with yours. That's how we establish trust.
  • What we expect from our clients in return is a 12-month active engagement with a 1 year tail based on transactions resulting from our collaborative efforts.
  • Our transparent standard is designed with your best interest at heart to provide you the most favorable terms and to deliver peace of mind.

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I want to start getting sound guidance and answers



Acquisition Targeting


Asset Sales


Business Combination


Business Development


Best Effort Underwriting


Confidential Information Memorandums (CIMs)


Contract & Closing Negotiation


Coordinate Legal Services


Corporate Development


Deal Sourcing




Exit Strategy


Fairness Opinion & Business Valuation


Foster Competitive Tension


Identify & Select Investment Banks


Leveraged & Management Buyouts


Mergers & Acquisitions: Buy and Sell Sides


Private Placement


Private Road Show






Shareholder Liquidity


Strategic Planning


Venture Capital


A solid team with a proven track record

Stern Ventures is an end­-to­-end investment bank serving technology companies with strong fundamentals.

As our client, we guide you through the entire deal-making process from strategic planning to successful closing.


Access over 36,060 financial and corporate development departments through our active network of strategic contacts, managing directors, and C-level executives.

Our deep insights into each of your prospective partner’s tastes and preferences enable you to connect with multiple partners and target the "sweet spot" for specific institutions. This includes offering you a brief synopsis of each company’s:

HQ & Geographic Reach
Market Capital
Active Investments
Existing Revenue
Description & Objectives
Industry Specializations
  • We deliver the deal that’s right for you by identifying and negotiating with only the best­ qualified institutional partners and streamlining the due diligence process.
  • With Stern Ventures, you not only get one­-on­-one guidance but also competitive bidding for your financial needs through our robust network of decision makers.

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I want to start getting sound guidance and answers

Meet the team behind the success


Cang Quach

Managing Partner

Professional Experience:

Mr. Quach, a registered representative of Rainmaker Securities, LLC., is the Founder & Managing Partner of Stern Ventures. Previously, Mr. Quach served as the VP of Finance & Strategy at Untangle, Inc. where he spearheaded the company’s acquisition growth strategy, doubling the size of the parent company.

As part of the Technology Investment Banking Group at Morgan Joseph TriArtisan, Mr. Quach sourced and executed equity, debt, and M&A transactions representing over $250 million in aggregate value.

A co-founder of two startups in the digital publishing and display sectors - Emiscape & Magmazines - Cang holds five U.S. utility patents.

Prior to these ventures, Mr. Quach served as an Equity Research Associate at Dodge & Cox, an investment management firm with over $200 billion in AUM, where he analyzed companies in the cellular, automotive, and retail sectors.

He also served as an economic analyst at the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations in New York.


MBA from U.C. Berkeley’s Walter A. Haas School of Business BA in Economics with Honors (Phi Beta Kappa) from Occidental College

Industry Certifications:

CFA Charterholder FINRA Series 7, 24, 62, 63, & 79 Licenses

Transaction Experience

With an over $​500 million track-record of success,​ here’s exactly why Stern Ventures is a trusted advisor in the investment banking industry.

$25 Million

Syndicated private placement for Green Biologics (Biotech, Cleantech) from Sofinnova Partners (European VC) and Swire Pacific (Global Conglomerate).

$15 Million

Private placement for Yellowpepper (Mobile Payment) by Latin Idea Ventures (Latam VC).

$15 Million

Syndicated private placement for Advanced Data Center (Data Center).

Merger of

Total Defense (Consumer Security Software) with Untangle Inc. (Network Security Software).

Acquisition of

LocalBizNOW (Digital Media) by MDC Partners (Ad­Tech Holding Company).


Adele Wang


Professional Experience:

Ms. Wang, a registered representative of Rainmaker Securities, LLC. and VP at Stern Ventures, has over 10 years and $200+ million in M&A experience. Previously, Ms. Wang served as Senior Manager of Corporate Development at EFI, Inc., where she helped develop and execute the Company’s acquisition growth strategy.

During her tenure, Ms. Wang successfully managed and closed numerous M&A transactions, representing over $100 million in aggregate value. Her efforts enabled EFI’s target of $1 billion revenue in 2016.

As part of the Wells Fargo Corporate Development team, Ms. Wang executed strategic acquisitions of asset-backed loan portfolios and aircraft leasing JV’s, representing over $110 million in transaction value.

Prior to, Ms. Wang was part of the Wells Fargo Corporate FP&A group, focusing on forecasting, budgeting and analysis for the Wholesale Commercial Banking division. She was instrumental in the post-merger integration of the Wachovia Bank acquisition, as well as in the implementation of key company-wide finance initiatives.


M.S. Financial Engineering from Columbia University B.S in Electrical Engineering from University of California, Los Angeles

Industry Certifications:

FINRA Series 79 & 63 Licenses

Shawn Flynn


Professional Experience:

Mr. Flynn, a registered representative of Rainmaker Securities, LLC. and VP at Stern Ventures, spent 4 years living and conducting business in Beijing, China. While in China, he successfully founded, grew, and exited a profitable education company. Shawn moved back to San Francisco to invest his experience, connections, and resources back into the startup ecosystem.

Mr. Flynn works with incubators, accelerators, angel groups, VCs, local governments, and institutions to promote economic growth. He helped multi-national companies set up operations in Silicon Valley while connecting prominent Silicon Valley companies with strategic and funding relationships overseas.

As the founder of the TV show Silicon Valley Successes, Mr. Flynn hosts the Podcast “Silicon Valley” on the Investor Podcast Network. He is passionate about building bridges that connect Silicon Valley to the rest of the world.


Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering from U.C. San Diego

Industry Certifications:

FINRA Series SIE, 7, 63, & 79 Licenses

Why Us?

Our network ... and your success

Our robust network of 36,060 managing and C-level connections means that your prospective partners aren’t just pre-qualified, but will a​ctually compete for your business.

6.7 K

US Finance Executives

12.9 K

US Tech Executives

16.4 K

International Tech Executives

However, what really sets Stern Ventures apart is our
head, heart, and hands philosophy.​


The right e​xperience ​...
to determine your optimal financial


The right c​ommitment ​...
to dedicate ourselves to your best


The right c​onnections ​...
to deliver competitive results that
help you succeed.

Transaction Experience

For an in ­depth look at our Transaction Experience, you can read more on our Who We Are page.

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