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A Guide to Finding the Right Investment Partner: Your Ideal 10-Point Checklist

July 13, 2015 / By Stern Ventures / Comments 0


The number one mistake C-level executives make isn’t failing to acquire funding … it’s accepting capital from the wrong strategic partners.

There’s nothing more painful than being tied to an institution or financial partner who places their own interests ahead of your own.

From misaligned goals to competing interests to heavy-handed management, the risks are high … but so are the payoffs.

That’s why I’ve put together this 10-point checklist — backed by [X] years of industry experience and an over $250 million track-record of success — to help you identify the right strategic investment partner for your business:

  1. Business Goals: Yours … and Theirs
  2. Industry Alignment
  3. Clear Expectations
  4. Management Structure
  5. Current Investments
  6. Past Investments
  7. Downstream Development
  8. Upstream Development
  9. Legal Pitfalls & Due Diligence
  10. Exit Strategy

[This is only the outline for the article. Please check again for the full content. We intend to publish 1 article every month.]


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